Will Disinfection Gates Become A “New Norm”?

Will Disinfection Gates Become A “New Norm”?

The global pandemic impacted the way companies operate and introduced new measures in biosecurity such as: human disinfection systems, hygiene channels, vechicle disinfection systems and sanitation lines.

INOKSSERVIS observed how well-known manufacturers started adding thermal units, disinfection gates, or sensor type temperature monitoring gates to their production lines, which are an ideal solution for scanning large numbers of people at construction sites, airports, schools, universities, malls and even concert halls.

The main advantage of these disinfection systems is that they are fully automatic and do not require any personnel or much of maintenance.


Did you know that pulverization technology was first used in disinfection systems by NASA for personnel disinfection at the entrances of the facilities for space?


The revolutionary fogging/pulverization method is used to enable the disinfectants to penetrate the outer volume of the surfaces on molecular level. Another great advantage is that the systems allows 80% saving in water and disinfectant usage.


The typical stainless-steel structure has the pulverizing nozzles on both sides, and infrared sensors on left and right with 80 cm sensing ability. The larger thermal units with both disinfection and temperature monitoring functions, with only 5 litres of disinfectant can disinfect up to 5000 people. The price varies depending on the features of the disinfection equipment.


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01/05/2020 by Sandra K

Could you please propose the full range of bio security solutions for labor camp?

07/05/2020 by Mohammed

How much is the price of the disinfection gate with the 360 degree fogging and temp control?

19/09/2021 by Howard Thomas

What is the cost for this machine

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