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We can help you channel your potential implementing your idea. We take care of all your needs, crafting specific and targeted solutions. A great client experience begins with a great team member experience.

Trained & Knowledgeable Staff

Our world-class team of experienced technicians is able to understand your requirements and recommend solutions that are sure to meet your short-term and long-term needs with sustainability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Our comprehensive services and international portfolio of clients has become possible thanks to the unmatched standards of quality and trust we integrate into every project. These standards power the warranty in which we package all of our services.

Trust & Responsibility

Our team works with the single objective of delivering excellence. That is why all of our protocols are built to be transparent and to focus on challenging ourselves in terms of quality - throughout the customer journey.

Beyond Supply

We understand that our clients have diversified needs. That is why we extend our services to above and beyond the scope of general design and supply. Get an experienced and qualifed expert's perspective on your projects today.

High Quality Products

The quality of our products is the center of our value proposition. Quality protocols are integrated in our company’s operating philosophy at the very core - designed to have a direct influence on everything we do at INOKSSERVIS.

Exporting Experience & Knowledge

Our international footprint has allowed us to create a truly unique approach to our clients. Our experience enables us to have access to a vast array of specialized resources, materials and knowledge - all coming together to deliver your project within the shortest possible time.

about us

INOKSSERVIS TRADING is a family owned business

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Our company is able to serve the needs of developing markets by being strategically located in two important locations: Dubai (UAE), & Baku (Azerbaijan).

INOKSSERVIS provides turnkey solution to its clients - getting involved during the design stage and remaining fully committed until the complete handover of the project. Professionalism, safety and extensive training of our engineers are of paramount importance to us.

Our dealership network is comprised of more than 200 manufacturers across Europe, USA, & Asia. This enables us to supply our clients safe and good quality equipment.

10+ Years of Working Experience

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