Digital Signage

Upsell and drive-buys for your eatery offers, with IThqan Advanced Digital Signage. Our digital signage solutions help communicate your message effectively while allowing your brand to stand-out from the crowd, while still capturing attention at the targeted consumer’s eye-level. As a sub-segment of electronic signage, the possibilities with digital signage are endless – ranging from regular messaging to dynamic advertisement.

POS Solutions

Enable your eateries with advanced POS technology. Change the way you conduct business and manage your staff and inventory with our POS solutions. Our smart POS solutions will give you a greater degree of control over your business operations – allowing you to develop a better insight into your day-to-day operations.

Social Wi-Fi

Know your customers, foster your business and automate your marketing with Social Wi-Fi. Our social Wi-Fi helps to bridge the gap between your business and your customers, allowing you to establish and nurture long-lasting brand loyalties, obtain feedback, share the latest developments and more.

Drive Thru Solution

Drive Thru solutions to push sales and customer satisfaction. Benefit from an extended business presence and revenue-generation window with our Drive-thru solutions. Customized for your business needs, our Drive-thru solutions work as an ideal branding opportunity while giving your consumers increased access to all that you have to offer.

Pager Solution

Simplified Paging solution services for growing your restaurant business. Our fully networked paging solutions are highly customizable to suit a variety of spaces, from hospitals to transportation facilities to schools.

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