How To Clean And Maintain A Rational Oven?


The UAE is gradually easing the movement restrictions imposed on all following the global pandemic. As a result, restaurants are now permitted to operate at 30% of its maximum capacity. This is good news for the industry, however, there are some steps you need to consider prior to opening your restaurant again.

Restaurant Disinfection and Sanitisation Services in Dubai.

Your restaurant may have been closed for up to a month, or operating a delivery only service. This will mean that disinfection and sanitisation will need to take place prior to re-opening to the general public.

Unlike regular disinfection and sanitisation services, restaurant owners require specialised kitchen cleaning and maintenance services.  The use of sub-standard materials may cause more damage than good to expensive kitchen equipment and surfaces, and the movement of equipment may result in loss of service due to the absence of specialist knowledge in moving the kitchen equipment in order to clean.

Our team at Inoksservis is specialised in commercial kitchens. We also have specialist knowledge of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising restaurant kitchen equipment. One method we use is steaming the equipment in accordance with industry standards for commercial kitchens and using chemicals to disinfect surfaces in a way that is not harmful to customers nor will they cause any damage to your stainless steel or plastic surfaces.

Given that the virus is contagious and can live on surfaces for days, on-going disinfection and sanitisation in your commercial kitchen is required. Inoksservis supply the disinfectants and sanitizers that you can regularly apply on high touch common surfaces such as menu cards, chairs, tables, cash counters, door handles, condiment bottles and so on.

Neglecting proper disinfection and sanitization of your commercial kitchen may have severe consequences not only on the name and reputation of your restaurant but also on your staff and guests. 

Inoksservis is here to help you navigate the increased requirements, remain compliant and keep everyone safe.

Contact us today (+971 45 869 386) to obtain a SPECIAL OFFER  quotation for cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation services for your commercial kitchen.


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